Adhara Resort and Spa | Rejuvenation Sanctuary

Be inspired to discover more, do more, and live more. Come to your ultimate beachfront escape. A romantic beach resort embraced by the beautiful waters of Iloilo. Adhara is an oasis for the leisure seeker, promising a luxurious retreat. Our guests are warmly welcomed, cared for, and greatly valued. We are a place that allows you to experience a restful break from the hustles and bustles of daily life, gives you pampering that you deserve, or the space you need to explore your individuality



With twenty-four of the most spacious rooms and facilities known locally, we provide guests with only the best shelters. Whether it’s our well-furnished Baron Suites, De Luxe or Standard Rooms, your long stay at Adhara’s hidden sanctuary is assured to be a memorable one.


Rejuvenation is not complete without an opportunity at exceptional relaxation, and that’s our goal in providing spa and wellness services to our highly valued guests. Massages, aromatherapy treatments, facials, manicure and pedicure services are what you need most to ft the solitude that our resort provides.


When enjoying a sanctuary with loved ones, activities and events are what is most suitable to make a rejuvenation experience complete. Holidays, romantic getaways, family outings or even just quick staycations are be capped off with swimming pools, horse-back riding, sailing and dining experiences at Adhara.


For a sanctuary to remain a sanctuary, sustainability must be kept in mind and we haven’t forgotten that. We want to be as eco-friendly as possible so as to take care not just of our environment, but even our guests. Everyone wins with a sustainable mindset. We have committed to being organic in virtually every area including maintenance, cleaning dining, garden upkeep and many other areas.