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Why We Chose to Do the Laundry the Eco Way

We’ve taken our promise to take care of you holistically a notch higher. At Adhara, we are using all natural detergent to our linens and organic cleaning solutions. The ingredients of most commercial laundry detergents agitate health conditions, and they also contribute to developing allergies.

Finding the best detergent to use in washing clothes is essential. We choose what we believe would make our clothes clean and nice-smelling—something with a strong cleaning agent, perfume, and fabric conditioner if available.


But most detergents are a mix of chemicals that may be harmful to not only the human health but also the environment. This makes it important to use the kind that rids clothes of dirt and germs without leaving any harmful trace.

Appreciating its benefits, Adhara Eco Boutique Resort uses all natural laundry detergent, believing that washing clothes need not be an inconvenience for you or a risk to your surroundings.

One characteristic that distinguishes a natural laundry detergent from other variants is that it has no harsh chemicals. Fabrics are protected from damage and the washer does not have to worry about allergies.


Many of us use washing machines, mostly for speed and convenience. This detergent variant is safe for machine washing.

Small Gestures Change The World, and we believe that this switch will benefit our environment and guests. No ingredient is dangerous to nature. Moreover, it is safe for the human body—unlike conventional detergents, it does not have chemical fumes that may be inhaled.

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